February 12 6pm Nutrition 101 with Carla RD 7pm Gluten Free Casein Free Diet with Carla RD $50, Free for Members

8:00 Poofy Organics . Join us for a poofy party where you can shop for toxic free make up, shampoos, lotions and more!

February 15 10:30am Detox class with Elisa Moller RN. Elisa will discuss ,methylation and sulfation and how to support these pathways for effective detoxification. Invite Only 

February 17 7:30pm Vaccine Rights My Kids My Choice: join us for an informational event to learn about your vaccine rights with the new flu vaccine mandates. Rita Palma and John Gilmore will discuss what you can do to protect your rights as a parent. Free

February 19 5:30pm Potty Training Support Group with Jackie O'Donnell education and behavior specialist. Join Jackie as she helps you with behavior modification for toilet training your child. PATH does monthly parent support groups to help families with special needs children. Support Groups include potty training, picky eating, sibbling support and more!

February 22 10am Nutrition for On the Go Parents with Carla Coriaty-Hulla RD CDN. Carla will discuss and outline the tools you need to eat healthy and maintain healthy energy for busy parents. Carla will also discuss how to use non toxic essential oils to clean the home safely. $25

February 26 7:00pm The GMO Truth with Stephanie Locricchio. Learn about genetically modified foods and why they are not safe. Also learn how you can help get laws passed that will make food companies label foods that contain GMO ingredients. Don't you deserve to know whats in the foods you feed your children? 

8:30pm meet Farmer Mike Nolan from Earth Spring Farm and learn about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

please call 718.494.4120 to register for classes

PATH Family Center is a clinical center in Staten Island that offers integrative and nutritional interventions for individuals diagnosed with Autism, Down Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Food Allergies and other related conditions. Our doctor, nurse, nutritionist & special educator comprise a team whose goal it is to restore total body balance in the individual.

We discover the underlying problems through a series of lab tests. The team then creates a custom nutritional protocol with diet plans and integrative guides that begin the process of recovery. PATH  centers around educational guidance to support positive outcomes. We also offer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy which is used for a variety of illnesses, including Lyme Disease, Microcephaly, Crush injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Cerebal Palsy, Autism and more.

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